Discover enchanting ACOTAR tattoo ideas inspired by the Night Court stars, Feyre’s journey, and memorable quotes in our new designs.

Are you considering getting an ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses) inspired tattoo? Well, you’re in for a magical ride! Here are some killer tattoo ideas that’ll make you feel like you’ve just entered the fae world.

Rhysand’s Starfall Tattoo

You know you can’t resist the charm of the High Lord of the Night Court. His starry tattoo under the eye represents not just the Night Court but also the enduring love story. It’s mysterious and oh-so-sexy.

Feyre’s Tattoo

Why not go for the same ink as our heroine, Feyre? Her arm tattoo is about her journey from mortal to high fae. It’s a powerful symbol of strength, transformation, and embracing your destiny.

The Court Emblems

Each of the courts in ACOTAR has a unique emblem. Whether the Night Court’s stars and mountains or the Spring Court’s blossoms, you can choose the one that resonates most. It’s a subtle nod to your favorite part of the series.

The Book Cover Art

The ACOTAR book covers are gorgeous, and they’re full of tattoo-worthy designs. From the thorny roses to the mystical masks, there’s plenty to choose from.


The series is brimming with memorable quotes. A simple, elegant script tattoo of your favorite ACOTAR quote can be a daily reminder of the wisdom and beauty within the pages.

Rhysand’s Illyrian Wings

If you’re bold, why not go for the Illyrian wings on your back, just like Rhysand? It’s a symbol of freedom, power, and love.

Night Sky

Get lost in the Night Court’s sky. A tattoo of the starry, velvety night sky, maybe with a hint of a city of starlight, is a tribute to the place where dreams come true.

Amren’s Eye

For a mysterious and alluring choice, consider Amren’s eye. It’s a symbol of a character full of secrets, and it’s a conversation starter for sure.

Remember, your ACOTAR tattoo is not just ink on skin; it’s a piece of magic, a connection to a world that has captured the hearts of many. Whatever tattoo you choose, make sure it resonates with you.

So, which tattoo idea has your name written all over it? Let the ink flow, and the magic begins.

By Wendy Bruke

Hey there, I'm Wendy Bruke, your go-to gal for body art tattoos! Ever get that feeling when you see a work of art, and it just speaks to your soul? That's what I strive for with every tattoo I create. I'm not just an ink-slinger; I'm a storyteller. Whether it's a delicate flower or a fierce dragon, your skin becomes the canvas where your unique tale unfolds. With years of experience, I've mastered translating your vision into a tattoo. My mission? To make the art of self-expression accessible to everyone. Let's transform your ideas into ink and wear your story proudly!